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Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ
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Written by Ian Sanders   
Rhythm Room Phoenix, AZ

1019 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ

General Overview: If you are looking for some authentic down south style Blues, the Rhythm Room is only one place to go. This truly unique blues club is open 365 nights a year, and has the most extensive live music spot in the valley, hosting over 50 different bands. Most shows are ages 21+, but they also have some shows during the course of any given month for all ages.  There is no strict dress code, and the style of the crowd is very diverse, everything from evening gowns to t-shirt, cutoffs and flip flops are welcome. This club is truly diverse and hosts everyone from billionaires to bums, varying ages, races, and background. Everyone comes to the Room for the music, and the music is what it's all about! Now although it is possible to "hook up" while you're there, it's not intentionally a pickup scene. The crowd is very laid back and respectful and there are never any fights there. Everyone likes to keep the vibe mellow. There is plenty of free parking available, but no valet parking. Food and drink specials change every night, and are really catered to the crowd. So the drink specials change mainly depending on who is performing. For instance, at the Dolemite show, they had Colt 45 on special, at the rockabilly shows they have cans of PBR, wine for the jazz shows, etc. They really try to match the drink specials with what people want. One of the extremely distinguishing points of this Phoenix Nigh Club is the "Rack Shack", a BBQ Restaurant that is part of the club. So after listening to some quality down south music you can walk right outside for some authentic down south BBQ. During our visit we were truly honored to watch two great performances by "The Haymakers" and "The Blasters". The performances by both bands definitely got the crowd moving. The Haymakers music was extremely rootsy and kept everyone’s feet tapping. Their stage presence showed a deep love for their brand of music and a real sense of togetherness. The Blasters were the main event for the night, and they showed why. This all-American roots band had tremendous stage presence, and they definitely had the crowd in the palm of their hand. Their music had more of a roots rock sound and feel, making the band extremely entertaining to listen to. The lead singer Phil Alvin was extremely animated and versatile, being able to play both the guitar and harmonica while singing. Both guitarists displayed great showmanship, and really loved to play to the crowd. This show was really interactive and everyone on stage made sure the crowd knew it. At one point it even felt like the crowd and the band were feeding off each other. As the band got more excited the energy level in the crowd rose and in turn raised the energy level of the band. Overall the show was great, and an extremely enjoyable experience.

Bartending: The bartenders are very knowledgeable and the beer selection can't be beat. One of the other great things about this club is that you are not going to be stuck forever waiting to get your drink.

Admission & Parking: The Rhythm Room has a huge free parking lot and there are many other lots in the area so parking is never a problem. Although the club can get packed depending on the night and who is playing, the line never really gets that long.

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